Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wonderland of Lights

A week ago Saturday, we took the kids out to see Christmas lights in a couple of neighborhoods known around the Inland Empire for putting up spectacular displays. I took some truly terrible pictures along the way, so, I'll only share the ones that aren't absolutely awful 😀

Monday, December 19, 2016

You won't like how it ends....

(This post is part of the A Shadow in Doubt, ten years later, read along...)

As we near the end of reliving (via reading) Sam's 2006, there's something I have to tell you. See, when Mom was halfway through her initial read of ASID, I told her she wouldn't like the end. Magic Yoda 8-ball was right. Like it, she did not. 

Despite agreeing with my assessment, to my surprise she said she enjoyed ASID more than TSW. My warning allowed her time to prepare herself, so, she said it was okay I left it that way.  Still, I wondered what other readers - those without the benefit of my warnings - might think....

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tending the Flamella Tree

(This post is part of the A Shadow in Doubt, ten years later, read along...)

Here we are, on to Chapter 25 - Confrontation - already.... So much has happened since the last post, I don't know where to start!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pondering the Life Eternal

(This post is part of the A Shadow in Doubt, ten years later, read along...)

On to day three, and Chapter Four of A Shadow in Doubt....

I posted today's chapter a little while back. (Click here to read it if you haven't yet!) It was an interesting day for Sam, full of pondering.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

To Sum It Up....

It's over. Finally. And, while the outcome may not be what many of us expected, I know we must look forward.

This quote from Cast Away came to mind today, and I thought it particularly appropriate. It sums up my feelings in the wee hours this morning pretty well. Honestly, it sums up my feelings from day one of this election cycle.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Midnight Rambling: Hopping Too Far

Her past was a lie. Her present is suspect. Now, The Future is coming for her…. Samantha Marquet knows she’s being watched. What she doesn’t understand is why. After living with the sensation for seventeen years, sometimes she wonders if it’s all in her mind.  Until the night her Shadow Watcher steps across her path, turning her world upside down. Recognizing his presence immediately, Sam isn’t afraid; she wants answers. But, the handsome stranger doesn’t give her any in their cryptic exchange. When he vanishes again, Sam is left with more questions than ever before.  Before his motive is revealed, those the Shadow Watcher is sworn to protect Sam from move to strike. He appears again, in time to save her from a dangerous man. Only, this time Sam witnesses the attack, triggering a memory of seeing him once, before the watching began. At her father's funeral.  And, he hasn't aged a day in the seventeen years since. With enemies Sam never knew existed closing in, her guardian is forced to reveal his oath to protect the Marquet family, their heirs and the secret they’ve kept safe for centuries. The secret holding the key to his youth – Sam’s inheritance. Something so precious, the most powerful men to live on Earth are willing to risk anything to possess it.  As those fighting to gain control of her inheritance threaten those she loves most, Sam finds herself thrown into a world her parents went to great lengths to shield her from. A world where what seems impossible today is already possible tomorrow.  Welcome to the Society in the Shadow of Civilization.
(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

I can't believe we're already at the final chapter. I'd planned a few more posts along the way, but I used the wrong hopper, and got too far ahead ... which brings me to the subject of the post!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Rude Awakening and Rough Start to the Day

(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

Talk about a wake up call! It goes to show, even if you're expecting someone, you should check to see who's on the other side of the door before you open it. Right?

Midnight Rambling: A Bedtime Story

An adventurous twist on time travel romance....(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

By the fourth day Sam's head was probably spinning out of control. Wouldn't yours? To go from this feeling of being watched for so long, to meeting your Watcher, to being attacked in just over 48 hours?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Midnight Rambling: What Was She Thinking???

(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

On this night, ten years ago, Sam was safely tucked away at home with Artemis for the evening, after meeting her Shadow Watcher face to face for the very first time. But, what on Earth was she thinking, stopping like that, in the first place?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ten years ago, right about now....

(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

In real life, ten years ago, I was a busy mom of a fifteen month old, a restaurant manager, and scribbling away what words I could between diaper changes, feedings and shifts at work. The first story sparks for the Society in the Shadow of Civilization wouldn't come to me for a few more years. But is the tenth anniversary of where that story begins. Or, Sam's telling of it, anyway.

Ten years ago, right around this time, Samantha Marquet would be finishing up writing an assignment from one of her clients before heading out to run some errands. It wasn't a great day, getting a rejection email from a magazine first thing in the morning and dealing with a rude client later, she was in a pretty bad mood. Until her visit with Mr. Zhou at the bookstore. From there, it just got weird....

And, it will only get weirder in the days and weeks that follow! If you don't have your copy of The Shadow Watcher yet, get it free now, and join me in retracing Sam's journey, ten years later!

Amazon (US, UK, AU & CA) Kindle edition*
Barnes&Noble.com Nook edition
iTunes iBooks edition
Smashwords all ebook formats

Check back later tonight for a Midnight Rambling on what was Sam thinking!?!?!?

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you're having a beautiful day, night, or sometime in the between....

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Before Sam Met The Shadow Watcher....

(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

Monday marks ten years since the day Sam and her Shadow Watcher first met. For those who wish to join me, I'll be re-reading chapters from The Shadow Watcher and A Shadow in Doubt on their corresponding tenth anniversaries, and posting along the way. 

To set the mood, I'm sharing the original Prologue from The Shadow Watcher, since it's since been taken out. It's some of Sam's backstory, and I wound up working most of it in to the first chapters instead. Still, it gives a hint of what her mindset was, before everything changes....   

Friday, August 5, 2016

Behind the Society: The Characters Less Mentioned

For Part Three of my little Escape Day Celebration, I'm sharing a little more about the Characters we meet in Fore Shadows: Escape 2169....

A Glimpse into 2169

In honor of Escape Day, today I'm sharing some insight into the Future Dr. Samuel Marks and his fellow travelers left behind. The events we've seen happening in the world today, and over the last fifteen years (probably even longer, really) are the foundation for the Future as I've imagined in the Society in the Shadow of Civilization stories. I see it as neither dystopian or utopian, maybe because it's a future not too far away. Though, in a way. it's on the verge of becoming either in 2169.

Countdown to Escape Day - only 153 years to go!

Yes, you read that right. August 5th, 2169 is Escape Day - celebrated today by the Society, and in the future by Samuel's post-escape supporters, as the day the founders of the Society in the Shadow of Civilization fled to the past, to escape the U.C.E. In honor of Samuel, Pose, Voorhia, Vega, Eleanor, Tollack, and Marcus, I'll be sharing some tidbits throughout the day about the Future as they left it, and the inspirations behind it.

But first, a little more about Escape 2169 itself.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Just a few pics from our trip to the beach, one of my favorite escapes. Was that almost two weeks ago???? This summer's going by too fast!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Character Spotlight: Investigating Annie Hansen, Private Eye

This week, I'm delighted to welcome Author Kenna McKinnon to the stage! She's here to shine the Spotlight on the heroine from her latest novel, Blood Sister - Annie Hansen, Private Eye.

Set in the small Canadian island town of Serendipity, population 1,200, Blood Sister is a murder mystery, and much more, Dear Reader. Annie is no ordinary private eye. Scarred by her own past, she must find a way to come to terms with her mother's death and help catch a killer, all while battling her own demon - schizophrenia. Seems like a lot to deal with? Let's turn the stage over to Annie to find out what she has to say....

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Society Promotions

The minis and I are really trying not to melt here... Definitely a pool day! I hope it's not nearly as hot wherever you are. If it is, hopefully you have plenty of water nearby! One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is floating in the pool with a good book. With the minis I don't get to use the floaty-things much,though, and the books tend to get wet, so, I don't get to as often!

Speaking of pools and reading....

Friday, July 8, 2016

Character Spotlight: Jean - the last Eternal Lord

In this Character Spotlight, I'm excited to introduce you to another wonderful, fellow author, Richard M. Ankers, and his new series, The Eternals. He's taking over the stage to shine the Spotlight on Jean - the last Eternal Lord - and to give us a glimpse of a future where vampires have evolved, and outlasted humankind. However, they are bound to a dying world, so, it seems even eternity has an end. Unless someone does something. Soon. But, who among these Eternals, waltzing their way into oblivion, might take action?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

When Time Travelers Bump into Themselves...

I know there's a good deal of debate about whether or not it would be possible, but, in my world, the Society in the Shadow of Civilization, it happens. More than once.

The first instance in the Society in the Shadow of Civilization is in The Shadow Watcher, when Sam and Michael travel to Costa Rica in search of the Flamella tree. They didn't expect to see anyone except Adjatay - but, they see themselves across a ravine...   

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Shadow in Doubt: Chapter Four - Duty Call

Happy Saturday! Today, I'm sharing Chapter Four from A Shadow in Doubt, where Sam ponders her situation, Jay and Kristoff make her want to gag, and you'll find out who I was listening to while writing that part of the book....

Chapter Four
11/18/2006 - Duty Call

A groan near my head woke me. My hair fell in my face when I lifted my head; I tried to push it out of the way, but it just fell back in the same place. A male chuckled softly behind me - from the sofa - and my heart skipped a beat hoping it was Michael. I rolled over, disappointed it was Kristoff smiling at me from the couch.

I couldn’t figure out how he got there, so I asked, “How?”

He smiled, holding out a can of Pepsi. “Artemis let me in when I rang the bell,” he replied. Because it’s perfectly natural for a cat to answer a doorbell in a secret cavern.

I accepted his offering with gratitude, “Thank you.” Two gulps down, I was awake. “I hope you brought something stronger for Sleeping Beauty here.”

He tapped the travel thermos on the end table next to him. “Never leave home without it.”

“Come on Jay,” I gave her a shove, “it’s time to get up.” Then to Kristoff, “Take the lid off, she’s gotta smell it.”

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

.99¢ EBook Sale - A Shadow in Doubt

A Shadow in Doubt is now on sale for .99¢!

Who can Sam really trust?

Accepting the Society in the Shadow of Civilization as a part of her world, Samantha Marquet knows one thing for certain: what seems impossible today is already possible tomorrow. Returning to her life in Novica, however, reminds her how much else remains in question. 

Torn between the man who dedicated his life to protect her and the boyfriend who claims to love her, but, may be working with the enemy, Sam focuses on living as if she has no knowledge of the Marquet family's secrets, the Society, or the danger closing in on her. The Future depends on it.

If only The Future would leave her alone.

A summons to the Society's hidden lair forces Sam back into close quarters with her Shadow Watcher, and a prisoner with connections to his past. While stuggling with moral decisions being made by the Council, Sam also confronts the captive Traveler, who shares disturbing information about the U.C.E.'s plans. Information implying the Marquet family has long been misguided by the one they trusted most....

Download your copy today!

Barnes & Noble 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Once upon a time, motherhood inspired me to start writing Mother's Day poetry. (Shocking, I know!) But, my muse has been on vacation much longer than had planned, so, (please accept my apologies, Mom,) I have nothing new this year. Instead, I'll share two of her favorites, written for Mother's Days past....

In My Mother's Garden

In my Mother’s garden I watched many things grow,
How she made it happen, I never thought I’d know.
But as I watched her work, I learned to tend the plants,
Sometimes even helping, until distracted by some marching ants.

In my Mother’s garden it seemed everything came alive,
The world will never be as green as it was when I was five!
A new creature would be revealed with every stone unturned,
Each with a new (and sometimes painful!) lesson to be learned.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

For the Love of Thor

It's been just over a week now since our mighty Thor moved on to Valhalla. This big guy was starting to show signs of hip trouble, and last Thursday he was suddenly paralyzed. Somehow, he injured his spine. I can't even begin to explain how much my heart hurt for him. (Oh, that face!) Yet, he remained our brave, strong Beastie Boy right up to the end.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Book Birthday: The Shadow Watcher

Today, I've been helping put the finishing touches on my son's science project, and now I'm finally taking a moment to celebrate The Shadow Watcher's second Book Birthday!

Technically, according to Amazon, I'm a day (almost two) late. I seem to remember setting the date to publish as the 7th. But, what difference does it make, really? None! All that matters is it's there.

I can't believe it's been two years! It really doesn't seem like it's been that long. Then again, in some ways it seems much longer.... It's been almost seven years now (I think?) since I wrote the scene - intended to be a short story - that started all of this. Is it just me. or does it seem like the more time passes, the more mischievous it is? 

My heartfelt thanks to you, Dear Reader, for your support along the way - whether you've been with me from the beginning of this journey, or you're new to my little world, you are appreciated! From December to February this year, The Shadow Watcher saw sixty consecutive days of (mostly) multiple Kindle downloads for the first time - and I know that didn't happen without help! So, once again, Thank You!

I look forward to sharing the next installment of Sam's story with you - the best secrets (in my humble opinion) are yet to come! But, Of Sovereigns and Shadows won't be out for about a year. (Yes there is a very, very rough, and short, draft!) Perhaps that's how we'll celebrate The Shadow Watcher's third birthday? What do you think? 

Wherever you are, I hope you're having a beautiful day, night, or sometime in the between....


The Shadow Watcher is available FREE from the following ebook retailers:
Amazon (US) Kindle edition*
Barnes&Noble.com Nook edition
iTunes iBooks edition
Smashwords all ebook formats

* Available in all regions for just .99 cents (USD)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Character Spotlight: Gairynzvl - The Fierce One

For today's Character Spotlight, please join me in welcoming Author Cynthia A. Morgan, here to grant us a peek at the enchanting, hauntingly beautiful world she's created within "The Dark Fey Trilogy," which begins with The Reviled and continues with Standing in Shadows. 

Cynthia sends us Jaeryn, a TruthSayer, as her emissary. He's traveled long and far to shine the Spotlight on Gairynzvl, The Fierce One - one who is rumored to have suffered through and escaped from unspeakable horror, only to return, that he might spare others the same fate. (This is a first look at new Dark Fey material, Dear Reader!) Would you care to pour a pint of honeyed-ale, as Jaeryn prepares to take the stage and share his tale? Oh, but we must hurry, the show is about to start....

   Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jaeryn; I am a TruthSayer - one who journeys from village to village, gathering information to prove or dispel the rumors and hearsay, which travel on the wind. I went to the village Hwyndarin in order to learn about one of The Reviled; about whom, supposedly, the Ancient prophecies foretell, and upon my arrival in that picturesque little village, I was immediately sent towards a tavern in search of a beautiful, young shefey named Ayla Yna. When I found her, I told her the same and this is the conversation that followed.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Character Spotlight: Tollack - The Elder

Fore Shadows: Escape 2169 was public on Writing.com first. (Most of what I write starts there.) Over the years, I've had all sorts of feedback on my writing - good, bad, soul-crushing - but, I think my favorite comment on any of my work, to date, was simply "I love Tollack!" I knew I'd accomplished my task.

See, when Sam first learns of the Society in the Shadow of Civilization in The Shadow Watcher, Tollack Pennington isn't so lovable. Having put himself in control of the world her grandfather founded, Tollack is less than thrilled to see Sam show up, because, as Samuel's heir, she could challenge his position. And she does.

What Sam doesn't know is the complex, centuries-old history between Tollack and her family. As her grandfather's best friend, Tollack was more than just one of the founding members of the Society - he was Samuel's most trusted confidant. But the Elder Sam meets is a bitter, jealous, power thirsty dictator. So, how did he go from Earth vacation fishing buddy to nemesis? Yes, it has something to do with a woman ... or two. At least, that's part of it....

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Groundhog Day! (Thank you, Phil. We'll take an early Spring, happily....)

It's been quiet in my little corner of the webiverse lately. Okay, more like silent. Except for the choir of crickets singing. Do you hear them? Oh, and the wind from this last storm system howling like a rabid pack of wolves for the last three days - that was exciting.

Snow blew in with the pack for about forty-five minutes Sunday. It wasn't cold enough to stick, but just enough to run around in and have fun with the kids. It also brought a mountain of tumbleweeds to our backyard, which was not as much fun. (Picture this multiplied by ten.)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Society (in the Shadow of Civilization) Talk

I've been on a break from the Society since A Shadow in Doubt. Mostly. The timelines, the hopping, the Fore Shadows, and the events unfolding were making my head spin. I have scenes, little bits and pieces, scattered about all over six hundred and seventy some-odd years now. Sometimes the best way for me to stitch the pieces together is to step away and come back later, with a fresh perspective.

So, I wrote something else for NaNoWriMo again this year, then let my brain turn into jelly for most of December. Now, it's eight days into January. Time to get it back together!