Friday, December 2, 2016

Character Spotlight: Aurora - the Unwanted Princess

This evening, Dear Reader, I'm honored welcome back my friend and fellow author, Richard M. Ankers. Tonight, he joins us to shine the Spotlight on Aurora - the unwanted Princess - from Hunter Hunted, Book 2 of The Eternals Series....

On his last visit, Richard introduced us to Jean, the last Eternal Lord - the dark, brooding protagonist of The Eternals, and gave us a glimpse of the strange, dying world in which he dwells. In Hunter Hunted, Jean travels to the Nordic city of Hvit with Princess Linka, and finds himself in need of the alluring Princess Aurora's help. Now, Richard, please do tell us more....


Daughter, sister, unwanted Princess, 
prisoner in her own home, Aurora is the unseen Eternal of the Nordic Royal House.

Friendless, Aurora patrols the entrance to Hvit, city of the Nordics, where Arctic ice and Arctic Ocean meet, darkness and ruby light. Rendered invisible by her unknown father’s gift, when required, she dares not stray from Hvit’s secret entrance for fear of never again finding her way home.

Albino like all Nordics, Aurora differs from their ruby eyes with stunning blue, and red lips to their light blue, opposite in both mind and appearance to her elders. 

Aurora saves Jean from his most feared fate, drowning, where others would have left him to sink into oblivion, an act he can never repay. She is the only Nordic Jean trusts and the only one he would wish to. She is a girl as lost as he, and Jean would see her smile even at the expense of his own happiness.

Enigmatic, beautiful, powerful, Aurora is a mystery Jean will see unlocked. Woe betide anyone that gets in his way.

Thank you for reading a little about this brand new character in The Eternals universe. I hope you enjoyed the insight.


Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series
Hunter Hunted
The Eternals

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Thank you, again, Richard, for sharing Aurora with us this evening. Once again, you have me intrigued!

And, thank you, Dear Reader, for joining us! Wherever you are, I hope you are having a beautiful day night, or sometime in the between....


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