Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Getting back to Isiterra....

I've been scattered all over the place except the internet lately, but, somewhere, elsewhere, I did mention something would be coming last Friday.
This was without thinking about the fact it was Good Friday, and everything else on my plate for the week. (On a side note, my son got into the Jr. High/High School we were hoping for, so something did get accomplished!) I also said I would talk about it more on the blog, and here I am. (Just a little later than planned. Thank you for your patience!)

So here's the scoop- Once upon a long time ago, I created my first world. Some years later, I started writing the first novel about it. It took a long time. It evolved. It became more. And, it was rewritten. At least, twice. Background stories came along, secondary arcs developed. Then, I moved on to the second novel.

For whatever reason, I walked away for awhile. When I went back to it, I realized what the first book was missing, and started to make the changes. But, again, I wandered away.

All along the way, I wrote other stories, including one that would become the foundation of the Society in the Shadow of Civilization series. There are a million reasons why I chose to move ahead with publishing The Shadow Watcher first. Maybe it was the right choice. Maybe not. I'll never know and really don't care. I do know I've been away from Isiterra for what seems like forever, and it's time to go back.

Three weeks ago, I started a new round of editing on Quest of No Return - the new title for the first book in the series. Though slow-going it may be, I'm a little surprised. It isn't as bad as I thought. And, starting this Friday, I'll be posting new Chapters each week on, where readers will be able to share feedback. I'll share links here as well.

For those who've never heard (or read) me ramble on about Isiterra, here is a brief introduction:

On Isiterra, the balance between the Terressans and Malorians 
is more fragile than ever. The Siyen Prophecies foretold the 
Greatest of all Wars, and the rising of one capable of ending it, one who can 
bend the will of the Light and the Dark in their world with equal force -   
Ile Lumesare.

For most, the old ways have faded, ancient warnings forgotten. But, one family has no other choice but to believe. They've witnessed enough to see the prophecies coming true. They know without Ile Lumesare, Isiterra will be lost to Malough and his followers forever.   

With a small band of fellow believers and allies at their sides, orphaned sisters, Aria and Tauria, set out to continue the quest from which their parents never returned, not realizing Ile Lumesare is already among them....

The three Races of Man are Siyen (with magic powers), Keeper (human), and Underdweller (not quite human, some with limited powers, and yes, live mostly underground). Though they're not divided by color, or even really by the order of their creation, there are some Siyens who believe they are inherently superior to all, and some Keepers who see Underdwellers as lesser beings, and blame them for ... well, it's to much to put here. (I wouldn't say it was all their fault, but, I am biased.)

Blades, bows and magic (in various forms of Siyen powers) are the weaponry, and the people travel by foot, horse and wagon. Or, by winged horse for those who can manipulate matter. (One must have a high Siyen blood-mix to be capable.)

That is all for this post. The Quest begins Friday! For now, if you'd like a better understanding of division between Terressans and Malorians, check out the Tale of the Orbs.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you're having a beautiful day, night or sometime in the between....


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