Saturday, April 9, 2016

For the Love of Thor

It's been just over a week now since our mighty Thor moved on to Valhalla. This big guy was starting to show signs of hip trouble, and last Thursday he was suddenly paralyzed. Somehow, he injured his spine. I can't even begin to explain how much my heart hurt for him. (Oh, that face!) Yet, he remained our brave, strong Beastie Boy right up to the end.

Smart, but stubborn, he listened to LOML, but basically ignored any command from me. I couldn't turn my back on him, because if I did, he would charge head-first into my rear and either knock me over, or push his way through my legs.

Thor wasn't the biggest fan of playing fetch, because Athena always beat him to the tennis ball. (She's fast!) Unless I threw it short, or it bounced back over her - then, and only then, he'd occasionally get it. And wouldn't let it go until it was crushed. He destroyed an obscene number of them.

Halloween was his favorite holiday, because he went trick o' treating with us, and was praised and petted and adored by almost everyone we met along the way. He really was a beautiful dog. (I'm not biased, I swear!)

He was also our chief of security, patrolling the perimeter at regular intervals day and night, immediately alerting us, and the rest of the neighborhood, to any miscreant tumbleweeds or nefarious feline activity with his deep, resounding voice. No one messed with his people, yard or house. Or his neighbor's for that matter....

Such a big dog leaves a big hole in our lives behind him. Especially for Athena. I think she understands, she knew something was wrong when he couldn't get up, but, now she feels alone. She's the only canine in the yard, and has no one to share her great big dog house with. I'm spoiling her more than ever, though. Lots of extra time indoors, lots of extra belly rubs, lots of extra letting her pretend she's small enough to fit on my lap....

Athena loves Thor
We'll adopt her another brother or sister, probably sooner than later, because his gigantic paw print left a crater in our hearts that needs to be filled. And, LOML and I think the best way to do that is to give another dog a loving home. I'm sure Thor would agree.

Sweet dreams, Mighty Thor. May your dish overfloweth with all the good stuffs we wouldn't let you eat, and may you crush every tennis ball (or basketball) you find. Most of all, may your pain be gone forever. Never once did your loyalty falter, our pack is stronger for having you in it. We'll see you again, Dear Friend....  

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