Friday, July 22, 2016

Character Spotlight: Investigating Annie Hansen, Private Eye

This week, I'm delighted to welcome Author Kenna McKinnon to the stage! She's here to shine the Spotlight on the heroine from her latest novel, Blood Sister - Annie Hansen, Private Eye.

Set in the small Canadian island town of Serendipity, population 1,200, Blood Sister is a murder mystery, and much more, Dear Reader. Annie is no ordinary private eye. Scarred by her own past, she must find a way to come to terms with her mother's death and help catch a killer, all while battling her own demon - schizophrenia. Seems like a lot to deal with? Let's turn the stage over to Annie to find out what she has to say....

Q: For the record, can you please state your name?
A: Annie Hansen

Q: Are you a fictional or historical character?
A: Fictional

Q: Where and when does your tale take place?
A: In a small island town called Serendipity, British Columbia, Canada. The tale is set in current or modern times.

Q:What should we know about you?
A: I'm a young schizophrenic woman who works as a private eye investigating two bizarre murders on the island. My professional partner, Mark, is a hunk. I have a criminal record, and am trying to obtain a pardon from my superiors in exchange for my work on the street.

Q: What is your personal goal? I mean, what do you ultimately want?
A: I want to discover who bizarrely murdered both an unpopular doctor and the mayor of Serendipity. I also want to keep my personal demons at bay, i.e. the schizophrenia with which I courageously battle daily.

Q: What is standing in your way? What conflict(s) do you face?
A: I have a serious mental illness which leads to hallucinations. I hear voices which try to keep me from doing my job, and casting doubt on my abilities. My mother died recently, and I haven't entirely come to grips with her death. She left me a float house and some money – my father ran away with a younger woman, and is not in my life. There are secrets in Serendipity which no one is sharing with me, and Mark, my new professional partner on the police force, is an attractive man who bowls me over. I try to discover if my friends, who are suspects in the hideous murders, are innocent, as I hope they are. I try to be objective and professional, and I try to discover my own femininity as the tale unfolds.


Blood Sister - Book Description
Annie Hansen, a young schizophrenic private eye, must solve two grisly murders in the small island town of Serendipity, Canada.

A not-so-popular doctor, Dr. William Hubert, and the mayor of Serendipity, Rick Spacey, have both become victims of a gruesome murder. Handsome detective Mark Snow is called in to investigate, and he teams up with Annie to solve the murders.

But Annie is haunted by her past, unable to overcome her mother's death and her father deserting the family. Things take a complicated turn when Annie, along with her boyfriend Samir, finds herself to be one of the suspects.

What prompted the killings, and what is 'MASER', a cryptic message left on the doctor's charts? And is it possible that Annie, or one of her friends, is behind the horrendous crimes?

Blood Sister is a uniquely courageous and quirky whodunit.

Available now on Amazon and B&N worldwide, published by June 14, 2016.  


Special Note: Blood Sister will be on sale for just .99 cents/pence in 
North America and the UK Kindle Store July 23-29, 2016
Pick up a copy of this quirky mystery then!


About Author Kenna McKinnon
Kenna McKinnon is a Canadian freelance writer, author of SpaceHive (2012 and 2016), Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth (Mockingbird Lane Press 2013), as well as Benjamin and Rumblechum (Mockingbird Lane Press 2015), The Insanity Machine; Red Herrings: Solving Streetwise Crime reprinted as Blood Sister (Creativia 2016); Short Circuit and Other Geek Stories (Creativia 2016); DISCOVERY: A Collection of Poetry, and a recent paranormal/fantasy trilogy of novellas Den of Dark Angels (Creativia 2016).

Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Kenna is a member of the Writers' Guild of Alberta and a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association. She has three wonderful children and three grandsons. Her interests include drumming circles, cooking for friends and family, reading, writing, physical fitness and health, and caricatures which consist mostly of stick figures and whimsical cats.

You can connect with Kenna Mary McKinnon at: 
Her author's blog:
Amazon Author Page


Often, characters play a role in helping others better understand those who may share the same struggles - in Annie's case, schizophrenia - in the real world. So far, I'm finding Annie's quirky narrative offers a unique look into her mind, and keeps the pages turning! But, don't take my word for it - read hers!

Many thanks to you, Dear Reader, for joining me in shining the Spotlight on Annie, and her author, Kenna McKinnon! (Don't forget to grab your copy of Blood Sister while it's on sale!) And, thank you, Kenna, so much for sharing Annie with us! I look forward to reading on, and learning what her investigation uncovers....

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  1. Roari, thank you so much, this is very well done. I'm very grateful for the spotlight shone on Annie, and love it that you like her so much. She is quirky, for sure! Thanks again. Your blog looks very professional and interesting. What an opportunity for Indie authors you offer!

    1. Thank you for sharing Annie with me, Kenna! It was an honor, and my pleasure, to shine the spotlight on her :)