Friday, January 8, 2016

Society (in the Shadow of Civilization) Talk

I've been on a break from the Society since A Shadow in Doubt. Mostly. The timelines, the hopping, the Fore Shadows, and the events unfolding were making my head spin. I have scenes, little bits and pieces, scattered about all over six hundred and seventy some-odd years now. Sometimes the best way for me to stitch the pieces together is to step away and come back later, with a fresh perspective.

So, I wrote something else for NaNoWriMo again this year, then let my brain turn into jelly for most of December. Now, it's eight days into January. Time to get it back together!

A reader asked me why the founding members of the Society chose 1513 for their Arrival? My answer: Well ... um ... it's an interesting year? I'm still working out the exact date Samuel and his friends arrive, but they will land on dry ground!  Discovering who the founding Society members were before they left 2169, and exploring how they become who they are when Sam(antha) meets them in 2006 has been challenging, yet, much more fun than I anticipated.

I'm planning on book three late this year, though realistically it probably won't be until 2017. I have elves to thwart and aliens to rescue first. Then, it's on to Of Sovereigns and Shadows.

More Fore Shadows stories are in various draft phases; one from before Escape Day, another from their Arrival - which is where my "focus" is right now, as far as the Society is concerned - and a third set just over a century after the Society is established. Then, there's Jayden's story, which is still on hold, a little longer than I'd planned. (As always, my plans are subject to change.)

Two of the founding members of the Society had very personal reasons for wanting to escape, and Sam crosses paths with one of them in both The Shadow Watcher  and A Shadow in Doubt, but the other isn't mentioned at all. Said character's exact whereabouts are still unknown, but all will be much clearer after Arrival 1513 and book three....  There will also be new Travelers, more B.O.A.s, a creepy Christmas visit, more secrets, a New Year's 2007 celebration, more Artemis, a trip to Vegas, and a wedding. (No, the wedding isn't in Vegas.)  

Sam pitched an idea in ASiD to use their enemies against each other, and convince the B.O.A.s and the U.C.E. the Flamella tree was destroyed. But, does it work? Will she finally be free to make her own choices in life, and love, again? Can she trust her heart to make the right choice? You'll have to read to find out!

And with that, I'm going to get back to Arrival before I say too much! Thank you for reading - I hope you're having a beautiful day, night or sometime in the between....

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