About Me

Roari Benjamin writes sci-fi and fantasy, laced with romance and adventure. She lives in Southern California's High Desert with the love of her life, their son and daughter, three cats, two dogs, and a turtle. She tries to keep dull moments rare, as they should be. 

Roari is the author of the Society in the Shadow of Civilization series. Her next project is a YA Urban Fantasy novel, involving nightmares, German folklore, and a family curse. Visit her blog at http://roaribenjamin.blogspot.com/.

That's what you'll read where my books are sold. What it doesn't say is ...

  • All I wanted for my fifth birthday was to see Return of the Jedi - the original release - in the theater. (Yes, you can use that to deduce my age.)
  • My writing started with Fantasy (perhaps the Epic sort) and poetry. The Shadow Watcher is my first foray into blending Sci-Fi with Fantasy.
  • The real Novica, CA is where I was born and raised.
  • My mom was a librarian at the Novica Public Library before I came along. I loved the summer reading program there growing up ... and exploring shelves upon shelves of books.
  • I started writing about Isiterra when I was fourteen, though I didn't name it until later. Then there was poetry. I decided to write my first book (also about Isiterra) when I was twenty. I self-published my first novel, The Shadow Watcher at thirty-five. There were many ideas and hundreds of thousands of words written (and deleted) along the way. 
  • I primarily write fantasy and sci-fi - a little paranormal, too.
  • I enjoy reading a wide range of both classic and contemporary fiction. 
  • I'm a sucker for a good love story. Doesn't matter what genre.
  • I'm working on two (unrelated) books in addition to A Shadow in Doubt, all of which I hope to have out this year.
  • I drink too much Pepsi.
  • Nacho Cheese Doritos.
  • If I had to choose one food to live on forever - Crêpes a la Mom (chicken a la king and hard-boiled egg filling.) If it had to be dessert - chocolate chip cookies.
  •  I'm a dog AND cat person. (Yes, we do exist.) The cats currently reign 3-2.

I may add more later....