Thursday, October 13, 2016

Midnight Rambling: Hopping Too Far

Her past was a lie. Her present is suspect. Now, The Future is coming for her…. Samantha Marquet knows she’s being watched. What she doesn’t understand is why. After living with the sensation for seventeen years, sometimes she wonders if it’s all in her mind.  Until the night her Shadow Watcher steps across her path, turning her world upside down. Recognizing his presence immediately, Sam isn’t afraid; she wants answers. But, the handsome stranger doesn’t give her any in their cryptic exchange. When he vanishes again, Sam is left with more questions than ever before.  Before his motive is revealed, those the Shadow Watcher is sworn to protect Sam from move to strike. He appears again, in time to save her from a dangerous man. Only, this time Sam witnesses the attack, triggering a memory of seeing him once, before the watching began. At her father's funeral.  And, he hasn't aged a day in the seventeen years since. With enemies Sam never knew existed closing in, her guardian is forced to reveal his oath to protect the Marquet family, their heirs and the secret they’ve kept safe for centuries. The secret holding the key to his youth – Sam’s inheritance. Something so precious, the most powerful men to live on Earth are willing to risk anything to possess it.  As those fighting to gain control of her inheritance threaten those she loves most, Sam finds herself thrown into a world her parents went to great lengths to shield her from. A world where what seems impossible today is already possible tomorrow.  Welcome to the Society in the Shadow of Civilization.
(This post is part of The Shadow Watcher, ten years later, read along...)

I can't believe we're already at the final chapter. I'd planned a few more posts along the way, but I used the wrong hopper, and got too far ahead ... which brings me to the subject of the post!

When I left off, Sam had lost a day, then three, and then a week all at once. But, what's a week or two when you have a potential eternity? Right? Still, it takes a little getting used to. Then, there's dealing with those who are supposed to be in the dark about the Society. How do you disappear for days, or weeks, with no contact? Reappear with a convincing story - "my mom died." C'mon, who's gonna question that?

Hopping, though not perfected, is a significant advancement over time travel methods used in the Future. The devices used are portable, for one. They're disguised (as fancy, analog watches). And, they go Forward - something the Future isn't yet capable of.

But, what if, in a hop, we miss something wonderful? (Like the Cubs winning the NLDS last night!) This subject will be further explored beginning late in book 3, continuing into book 4 ... for now, it's a novelty Sam and Jay are getting used to.

Now, as I am without a supply of the Essence, I'm in need of sleep! We're coming to the final chapter of The Shadow Watcher tomorrow (ooops, today), with a few weeks before the start of A Shadow in Doubt. But, if you're wondering about the goings on in between - like Marion's "funeral" - check back here ... there will be some never-before-seen "deleted scenes" coming soon!


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