Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Greetings!

Though it's titled "Easter Dresses," it was a Mother's Day poem, written for my beautiful Mother a couple of years ago. She's a woman of many talents, a constant source of inspiration, and my rock. And, that really doesn't begin to describe her. I try to find the right words, but they're inevitably inadequate in measure to what she has given me.... 

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow Moms - may you all be blessed with a beautiful day!
:) Roari

(In case you can't read it in the picture above....)
"Easter Dresses"
Bright pastels and flowered prints, 
Big bows and ruffled patterns, 
All stitched by a pianist's hands 
With the aid of her faded green Singer, 
Another art neglected by her daughter 
Who would proudly wear her dress on Sunday, 
Twirling around in a flowing skirt, 
Laughing as she displays her mother's handiwork, 
The making of which she often found a nuisance 
Having to hold still, and yet still wriggling 
So that she occasionally got stuck with a pin, 
(And suspecting it sometimes was with purpose),
When she would rather be off running 
To other worlds through the realms of imagination, 
Guided by books, by film, by a step out the back door,
A nature lover's and gardener's daughter
Found her love of the outdoors in her mother's yard
Accompanied by her sister and a yellow dog, 
A librarian's, poet's and musician's daughter 
Found her love of the written word and lyric, 
Along with a fascination for the fantastical and the mythic 
Adventures writers, and eventually she created, 
And far too often wandered off; 
Lost in a place and time not her own,
But always following her compass home,
To dutifully pose to take in seams or measure the hem,
For the joy of seeing her mother’s smile
When she danced in the sun on Easter,
Knowing she would find fortune if she ever found
Half the talent for something as her mother had for everything.

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