Sunday, August 5, 2018

Happy Escape Day! (Only 151 years to go!)

One hundred and fifty-one years from now, Dr. Samuel Marks and his accomplices will travel more than six and a half centuries to escape the consequences of saving 100,000 lives. In doing so, they formed The Society in the Shadow of Civilization, and began work to protect themselves from the Future they had to flee.

The original Society members first celebrated the day in 1514, and so the tradition continues....

In Fore Shadows: Escape 2169, Samuel relates the events that take place in his final hours on the moon. His rationale for the decision to travel to 1513 is two-fold: 1) they won't affect evolution, and 2) they'll have time to plan how to protect the Flamella tree from the U.C.E. before they eventually reach 2169 again. Assuming the U.C.E. doesn't catch up with them, some time else, first. See? It's all perfectly logical.   

If you had to escape to the past, when would you choose to arrive? 

Wishing you a Happy Escape Day! 


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