Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Continuing the Quest

When I set out to revise Quest last year, my original intent was to post a new chapter each week. Then, the reality of what needed (and needs) to be done set in, and I fell behind. And now, as I get back to it again, I remember what still needs to be fixed. So I'm still behind. In the mean time, the working draft is up on I'm still considering uploading it to Wattpad - if I ever get them posted here!

Working on Quest, going back to my beloved Isiterra, feels like coming home, after being away for many years. The dust is about an inch thick, cobwebs need to be cleared away, yet everything is familiar and comfortable. It is as magical as I remembered. (I secretly feared it wouldn't be.)

But, just because it feels like home doesn't mean I'm keeping everything exactly as it was. Not at all, in fact. What started out as a little home improvement project has become Extreme Makeover: Book Edition. (And, yes, it's a very good thing.)

If you've read past posts here, or happened to glance at The Shadow Watcher, then you might have guessed I love animals. I feel the need to give you fair warning: you must love dogs, horses, squirrels, lizards, birds - pretty much any animal - to get into this series. They all play roles and can communicate telepathically with any crennarian, a person born with ability to communicate with animals. Aria (one of the MCs) happens to have this gift, and she uses it well.

Among the many old friends I've been getting reacquainted with, I'm having (maybe too much) fun with Aerodar - the falcon. He is Aria's eye (and ear) in the sky, her scout, her messenger. He's also a piece of her conscience, at times. And, he's a smart @$$. 

I can't promise I'll post a new chapter each week (life just keeps happening!) but, I will post chapters on Fridays as they are available - starting THIS week!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope you're having a beautiful day, night, or some time in the between....


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