Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Midnight Ramble: Catching Up....

Sunrise 1/30/18

It's been too long again. I figured I better post something before January is over. Which will be about an hour from now.

With the dawn of this last school year, the boy and I started having to rise before dawn to get to school. No one in this house is a morning person. Except for Wookiee (he's my back up alarm).

I do have to admit, I've come to enjoy the view (most days). And, we caught the end of the lunar eclipse - aka the Super Blue Blood Moon - this morning. There is a bright side to this early riser thing!

Over the last few months, life has been full, mostly in good ways, and tiring. It's also left little time for writing. And the characters in my head are driving me crazy - I have to let them out! So, this Friday, I'll be posting weekly chapters from Quest of No Return, here and at, starting over from Chapter One. And, sometime before summer, I should have a release date for Frequency. Then, maybe, just maybe (if we all cross our fingers), I'll manage to untangle the mess I've made of book three in the Society in the Shadow of Civilization before the end of the year.

If all goes better than I plan.... Wait, it rarely does, so, never mind. This is the plan, and I'm sticking to it. For now.

Wherever you are, thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope you'll return Friday, to begin the Quest.

Wishing you a beautiful day, night, or sometime in the between-

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