Thursday, June 25, 2020

Well, here goes....

I've been away, not only from the blog, but Facebook and Twitter too, for what seems like forever. Okay, I've peeked at Twitter here and there. Every site has changed its design. Everything feels like I'm having to learn it all again, and with my inability to really focus on anything for the last couple of years... Yeah. It's been a slow start getting back into it all. 

Not only has everything on the internet changed, but so has the whole world outside. There is so much pain and anger, strength and resilience flying around so fast..... I'm at a loss for words. 

But, I am back at my writing thing. I know it's not going to cure COVID, fix police brutality or remove anyone from office. However, I do hope it might entertain, or at least temporarily distract, someone from their troubles for a little while. So, starting tomorrow, I'll be back to posting weekly chapters from Quest of No Return. And, because I've been away so long, there will be three chapters tomorrow. 

I'm also working on the Society - there are some new Fore Shadows up in my WDC port, if you'd like to check them out. (They're not done, but they are there!) 

Thank you for stopping by, and reading! Please know that I hope you are safe and well, wherever you may be. My usual sign off doesn't seem to feel quite right, given the state of the world - and yet, I still wish for your day, night or sometime in the between to be as beautiful as it can be, in the here and now.


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