Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sam's timeline is getting seriously twisted.

Society in the Shadow of Civilization
Book Two

Sam Marquet's journey continues with unexpected twists, as she struggles to find the balance between her new role in the world her grandfather created and her place in the real one.... 

After learning of the Society, and its secrets, Sam Marquet knew her life would never be the same. Now aware of the dangers she faces, she feels better prepared. But, while she's learning the ins and outs of the Society and trying to figure out how she feels about her Shadow Watcher, Sam's boyfriend proposes and her ex-fiancĂ© comes back into her life at the wrong time. 

To complicate matters further, prisoners from the most recent group of Travelers share disturbing information about the U.C.E.'s plans, implying the Marquet family has long been misguided by one they trusted most....

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