Friday, August 1, 2014

A Letter to My Muse

Photo: Kathy VanDeventer

I am listening, waiting,
for you to whisper in my ear.
Sing to me your song,
of wordless meaning 
that creates life with paper and pen.

Speak to me, evasive spirit!
I anticipate our next encounter,
that I might find answers
for questions left on the last page
we wrote together.

I am selfish, demanding
You devote your time to me.
You are timeless though,
and so much of mine is devoted
to other mundane daily rituals.

Tell me, what can I do?
I begin these tasks at your beckon,
And you leave me at your whim,
How do I finish...

(See what I mean?)

I wrote that one awhile ago, but it seemed appropriate for today.  Tonight, and hopefully over the weekend, I'll be working on the Fore Shadows, and the first of the stories supporting Isiterra - my next series.  (It will be posted by next Friday.)  Maybe there will be another post here in there somewhere.  Until then, back to my other mundane daily rituals :)

I hope you're having a beautiful day!

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