Tuesday, May 10, 2016

.99¢ EBook Sale - A Shadow in Doubt

A Shadow in Doubt is now on sale for .99¢!

Who can Sam really trust?

Accepting the Society in the Shadow of Civilization as a part of her world, Samantha Marquet knows one thing for certain: what seems impossible today is already possible tomorrow. Returning to her life in Novica, however, reminds her how much else remains in question. 

Torn between the man who dedicated his life to protect her and the boyfriend who claims to love her, but, may be working with the enemy, Sam focuses on living as if she has no knowledge of the Marquet family's secrets, the Society, or the danger closing in on her. The Future depends on it.

If only The Future would leave her alone.

A summons to the Society's hidden lair forces Sam back into close quarters with her Shadow Watcher, and a prisoner with connections to his past. While stuggling with moral decisions being made by the Council, Sam also confronts the captive Traveler, who shares disturbing information about the U.C.E.'s plans. Information implying the Marquet family has long been misguided by the one they trusted most....

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